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Get Ready for a Ripper of an AI Showdown Between Google and ChatGPT

G’day mates!

It looks like the launch of ChatGPT from OpenAI has set off a real AI rodeo, with tech behemoths Google and Microsoft leading the charge in the wild west of AI development.

Google has a date with destiny set for Wednesday 8th February, when they plan to reveal their plans to take on the mighty ChatGPT.

In a 40-minute rodeo, they plan to show us how they’re “re-wrangling how folks search for, explore, and interact with information”.

Google Takes on ChatGPT in the AI Arms Race Down Under

Now, it’s not confirmed if the rodeo will be all about AI, but it comes hot on the heels of Google’s chief, Sundar Pichai, announcing that the tech giant will be releasing its chatbot technology to the public in the coming weeks.

Pichai said on a call with Alphabet investors,

“Our deep computer science investments have us sitting pretty for this AI stampede, and I’m chomping at the bit to show you the AI-driven leaps we’re about to make in search and beyond”.

“Crikey! Google’s Got a Plan to Outwit ChatGPT and Rule the AI Roost”

Since ChatGPT’s launch, Google has been hightailing it to catch up, fast-tracking their plans for large language models, similar to ChatGPT.

As you know, ChatGPT is one such model – an AI chatbot that’s been trained on a mountain of text data, allowing it to generate answers and carry out realistic conversations.

ChatGPT has caused a real stir, with reports suggesting that it’s set to shake up the way folks prepare for job interviews, journalists write stories, and even the way kids do their homework.

The New York Times even reported that Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin have been brought back in to add ChatGPT-like features to the search engine they launched over 25 years ago.

Now, Microsoft is also throwing its hat into the AI ring, investing big bucks in OpenAI and plans to implement ChatGPT into its Teams software.

But, be warned, these features will only be available to those who are willing to pay the premium price.

It’s on Like Donkey Kong: Google Gears Up to Give ChatGPT a Run for Its Money

As for Google, they’ve been a bit coy when it comes to chatbots, with LaMDA restricted to limited testing.

In fact, last summer they sacked a senior engineer who claimed LaMDA was sentient.

While there are some internet start-ups that have introduced chatbots into search, they’re nothing compared to what Google and Microsoft could potentially do.

Sites like Neeva and use AI to offer summarised answers to search queries, with citations for the information.

One criticism of ChatGPT is the lack of transparency in its responses, often appearing confident in its answers, even when they’re incorrect or misleading.

So, buckle up and grab your lasso, it looks like we’re in for a real AI rodeo when Google unveils its plans to take on ChatGPT.

The rodeo will be broadcast live from Paris on YouTube from 1.30pm UK time, so grab a cold one and get ready to see what the future of search holds.


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 AI Showdown Between Google and ChatGPT

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