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Get Ready for a Ripper of an AI Showdown Between Google and ChatGPT

AI Showdown Between Google and ChatGPT

G’day mates! It looks like the launch of ChatGPT from OpenAI has set off a real AI rodeo, with tech behemoths Google and Microsoft leading the charge in the wild west of AI development. Google has a date with destiny set for


AI Goes Mainstream: Microsoft and OpenAI’s Investment Signals a Bright Future

"Microsoft and OpenAI's Partnership ushers in a New Era of AI Breakthroughs"

G’day mates, it’s Edgie from sixam software and digital marketing back again. I know we’ve been a bit quiet lately but it’s for a good reason.. I’ve got some big news to share with you all!  We’ve been keeping an eye on this AI scene and getting in amongst it all, and seeing what the go is.  And let me tell ya, there’s some buzz- worthy stuff happening.  And guess what?  We’re right in the middle of it all! I’ve got a fair bit to


Using Graphic Designs On Your Blog – It’s like a good yarn.

Use Graphic Designs On Your Blog - It's like a good yarn.

“G’day mates, listen up! If you’re runnin’ a blog and want to give it that extra kick, you best be thinkin’ about graphic design. Now, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout just chuckin’ a pretty pic on there, no sir. Graphic design is a


The Ultimate Solution for All Your ID Card Needs – Introducing the Magicard Enduro 3e

Magicard Enduro 3e

“Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Silver Edition Bodno ID Software” G’day mates, are you tired of having to outsource your ID card printing needs?  Are you sick of having to wait weeks for your orders to come